Made from high quality fabric, cotton, elastic and Metal buckles.


Small Collar Size Guide

Fits neck Size  between 27.5cm - 38cm Width of Collar 2cm

Small Bow Tie Size 

Approx 5.5cm x 10cm


Medium Collar Size Guide

Fits neck Size  between 31cm - 50cm Width of Collar 2cm

Medium Bow Tie Size

Approx 5.5cm x 10cm


Large Collar Size Guide 

Fits neck Size  between 38cm - 60cm Width of Collar 2.5cm

Large Bow Tie Size 

Approx 7cm x 12cm


Lead Size

2.5cm Width and 150cm Length


Pink Unicorn Collar, BowTie & Lead Set

  • Not suitable for machine washing, lightly sponge only.